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Undersmile - Narwhal (CD)

Image of Undersmile - Narwhal (CD)


Undersmile - Narwhal

Clocking in at just under the 80-minute mark, Narwhal was co-produced and mixed by the band and Jimmy “Evil” Hetherington and mastered by the legendary Billy Anderson. The album will be released as a 4-panel digipak CD

Artwork by the one-and-only Tony Roberts whose distinctive style has adorned the work of Electric Wizard, Conan and many, many more.

1. Lockjaw
2. Milk
3. Funayurei
4. Berk
5. Cortege
6. Myra
7. Mandrill
8. Verdigris
9. The Unthinkable
10. Qaanaaq

£6.00 UK (Including postage)
£8.00 Non UK (Including postage)