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Sonic Wolves - Sonic Wolves (CD)

Image of Sonic Wolves - Sonic Wolves (CD)


Sonic Wolves are an Italian/American heavy rock'n'roll band based in Alessandria, Italy, formed in 2012 by members of Ufomammut and The Hounds Of Hasselvander/Pentagram, to name a few, influenced by Little bits of...Cactus, MC5, Grand Funk Railroad, Motorhead, Steppenwolf, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Metallica, Captain Beyond, ACDC, Buffalo and Iron Butterfly.

Recorded and mixed at Trai Studio in Inzago (MI), Italy
Produced by Femore Prod., mastering by Fabio Intraina.
Guitar parts by Mr.Diniz.
All songs are composed by K.Vigil and Vita, except for Stone Faced General and Cheatin' Death composed by K.Vigil, Vita and Mr.Diniz
All lyrics by K.Vigil and Vita
Album Artwork by Diogo Soares

CD in digipack with 16 page booklet

1 - Stonefaced General
2 - Ascension
3 - Grim Reaper
4 - Tide of Chaos
5 - Cheating Death
6 - Red Temple
7 - You'll Climb the Walls
8 - Heavy Light

"What is ridiculously clear is they have an uncanny talent of weaving in and out of seventies riffs and grooves, slowing it down and then suddenly hitting it heavy once more without warning – no one trick pony here. Together, with Kayt’s soaring vocals, she is the perfect banshee that compliments this haunted space they occupy." -- Black Sunday Magazine