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Paul Catten - Themes and Variations for Strings And Electronics (CD)


Themes and Variations for Strings And Electronics

i) The Shocking Reality of Reaching Midlife
ii) An Army of Narcoleptics That Swarm Upon Us
iii) The Jedi and the Selective Mute
iv) Sonata for Oscillator and Theremin - estinto
v) Finale: Serenity in an Ocean of Storms

Paul Catten first arrived on the scene in the late 90’s with hardcore lunatics Medulla Nocte and after two fierce albums, tour after tour, award nominations, he called it a day going on to form Murder One. Throughout the noughties Catten remained a prolific recording artist immersing himself in various styles of music. From the groove based metal of Murder One to the ultra doom of Lazarus Blackstar, taking in grindcore of his appearance on the Co-Exist album, his insane electronic noise project Stuntcock and the piano beauty of The Dark Half. Current band The Sontaran Experiment released their groundbreaking album in 2007, with cries of genius heaped upon it on its release.

Catten has surrounded himself with his instruments of choice and morphed into the typical hermit (de)composer and has written his most haunting yet most beautiful music to date, “Themes and Variations….”. The album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Catten himself over the course of late 2010 to early 2011 resulting in a disturbingly dark amalgam of experimental noise and sumptuous classical compositions, recalling the likes of Ben Frost's acclaimed By The Throat album and Brian Reitzell's soundtrack for 30 Days Of Night. A truly impressive album.

Hand printed on an old victorian letterpress and limited to 200 copies