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Flange Circus - Abandoned Glow CD

Image of Flange Circus - Abandoned Glow CD


Fusing retro-synths with a taste for the absurd, this is an album that channels its influences into something very distinctive, and honours its ancestors with a wry smile. Through the veil, listeners will catch glimpses of Goblin, John Carpenter, GNOD, Loop, Teeth of the Sea, Tresor, Fuck Buttons, The Advisory Circle and Ghost Box Records.

The Manchester based three-piece say of the album, “we hope that Abandoned Glow envelops you.”

Track list:

1. Great Divisions
2. Fucko the Space Clown
3. Strange Hairy Airport
4. Homunculus Gardens
5. In the Pestilent Folds of Chub 909
6. Moloch by the Sea
7. Dehibernation
9. Zerodom Heritage 2016
10. Mellow Birds, Mellow Beards (Digital Download Only)
11. Gnu Fantasy

CD - 6 panel Digi Pack