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Bedwetter EP 7" (Vinyl)

Image of Bedwetter EP 7" (Vinyl)


Bedwetter will make their arrival known on the 11th September (release date) with a debut EP 7″ vinyl,
The harsh duo featuring Paul Catten & Mark Seddon (Medulla Nocte, Murder One, The Sontaran Experiment, Stuntcock) expect something different, brutally harsh throwing influences from Naked City, Fantomas, Boredoms.

Written and produced by Catten, this EP incorporates 11 tracks of grindcore, jazz and downright filthy avant-garde metal, with Catten once again pushing his listeners to their limits. Some tracks contain lyrics, others just vocal noises, which as Catten explains “leaves the listener to make up their own minds as to what the words should be”. You can be sure that this slab of plastic will leave its listeners either overjoyed or completely dumbfounded, but then again, any musical project these two have had a hand in creating usually does!

Limited copies - covers in white/blue or a random surprise colour.